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Privacy Policy

At TooSim, your privacy is a top priority. We are dedicated to offering secure global connectivity you can trust. Respecting your privacy, we aim for transparency in data collection and usage.

This Privacy Policy is in effect when you buy a TooSim product or access TooSim Services.

TooSim, as the proprietor, or third-party services authorized by TooSim, automatically gather data when Users interact with TooSim Products & Services. This encompasses User activity, purchases, app updates, content engagement, and utilizes login credentials, cookies, device details, and IP addresses for user identification, API logging, and user support.

Data regarding User's usage of roaming services is gathered automatically, focusing on data service utilization. This encompasses details such as user location, duration of data sessions, data consumption, and network connection status. TooSim utilizes this data for providing access to and billing of its services. Importantly, TooSim does not retain the content of personal calls, SMS, data-based messages, or data sessions.

TooSim's Customer Support team utilizes User data to identify and address any issues or concerns. If necessary, we may ask Users for more details to conduct thorough investigations. In certain cases, User data may be shared with external vendors to resolve challenges beyond TooSim's control..

Personal Data collected

email address, first name, last name, home country,details such as user location, duration of data sessions, data consumption, and network connection status.


TooSim leverages user information to share updates, exclusive deals, and foster interaction. We employ advanced advertising techniques, including pixels, cookies, and ad tags, and consider user-provided details (like home country) and roaming data (e.g., data usage, visited countries) to tailor and analyze ads on TooSim.com and partner sites.

We may use following third-party service providers

  • Google Analytics
  • AppsFlyer
  • PayPal, Stripe and 2Checkout
  • AdRoll Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data Facebook Custom Audience

Device and location

To provide our services, TooSim automatically gathers user data related to device location, operating system, IP address, device ID, internet service provider (ISP), mobile carrier connection, cell identifier, and the version of the TooSim app.


TooSim uses email, text messages, and push notifications to keep Users informed about various matters, including but not limited to service availability, policy updates, network interruptions, order confirmations, pricing adjustments, account information, and exclusive promotions.

When you sign up for our mailing list or newsletter, your email will be included in the list for potential receipt of commercial or promotional emails. You can opt out of these emails anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link in each email. However, essential service and account updates, including security and legal notices, cannot be opted out. To cease all account-related communication, contact us at [email protected] and cancel your account

Advertiser disclosure

Furthermore, we aim to maintain transparency regarding our partnership with eSIM providers. Being affiliates, we may receive a commission when you buy products through the links or suggestions on our site. Be assured, this affiliation has no impact on our impartial rating and review procedures.

Terms of use

Refund policy

Refunds are applicable based on specific conditions. If the user has neither scanned the QR code nor utilized the data plan, they may be eligible for a refund

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